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TEFL Course Registration

Student applicationSurname ( family name) First name SexMale                       femaleNationality Date of birth Place of birth Marital statusSingle                         marriedJob details Address Telephone Mobile E-mail address Identity card number Last education Qualifications Application programCourseComputerLanguageHROTHERDegreeBachelorMasterMini masterPh.dAgency training Cct scholarshipEgyptArab worldCambridge diplomaIGscientific research for degreeMASTERPH.DPersonal Documents Declaration- To promote and market the Cambridge College of Technology' Colleges Training Programs and courses 2- To arrange for training and provide professional specialists trainers to execute College Training programs.3- To act as an examiner for all students, also to monitor and inviolate the examinations or appoint examiners or invigorators to carry out the examinations. 4- To select and appoint trainers and specialists to provide all courses and programs provided by College.5- To evaluate courses progress and to report back to the board of Directors of College. 6- To generate new cooperation contracts by arrangements with College for Specialized Studies and negotiate on behalf of College.

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