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honorary-doctorateCambridge College  of technology britain offers a variety of masters of education programs that lead to educator licensure (certification) and professional advancement for teachers and school administrators in Massachusetts. Offerings at locations outside of Massachusetts are all non-licensure and conform to the specific state authorizations of those states.Our mission is to provide educators in public and private schools and colleges with the knowledge, skills and values necessary to enable their students to excel academically and socially. Our distinct programs offer educators a blend of theory and practice. Educators are prepared to become agents of change in their schools, and in local and global communities.The School’s core values include:

  • Innovation in curriculum and teaching strategies
  • Diversity
  • Academic excellence
  • Social justice
  • Honesty and integrity
  • Building community

Programs Offered in the Graduate School of Education Doctoral  Masters DegreesCAGSCertificatesTo learn more about the graduate school of education programs offered in your area, please select a Cambridge College Location in one of the charts above or use the Program Finder Tool. Massachusetts Students: Cambridge College provides information and recourses for Massachusetts Tests for Educator Licensure (MTEL). Learn more about available  www.cctbritain Summer InstitutesSeveral programs are offered using our  CCTritain  platform, formerly the National Institute of Teaching Excellence (NITE), which includes a summer residency component in Boston, as well as online courses during the Fall and Spring semesters. Massachusetts Science Standards Changing in 2015Are you prepared? If not, we can help! Our School of Education offers science coursework for graduate credit at an affordable price that can help faculty at the elementary and middle school levels understand and incorporate the info@ cctbritain .com in school curricula.                   cambridge college of technology , our elementary science course represents a hybrid blend of online and seated coursework that has been fully aligned to the new Massachusetts Science Standards for 2015.  The seated portion of the course is packed with relevant hands-on science experiences! Elementary science courses are offered in seat and in collaboration with districts where a minimum of 15 students can be enrolled. From the Dean"At Cambridge College, thousands of educators have gained the skills and knowledge, passion and perspectives to meet the challenges of educating our young people in the 21st century. Our graduates not only perform successfully in their classrooms, but achieve the extraordinary in their careers and school districts..visit websit of college Sheila Wright, PhDDeanSchool of EducationWilliam jaded our view

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