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Cambridge  College of technology Britain  is an accredited British College providing superb modern careers training to tens of thousands of people worldwide.

cctbrtiain Members study through CCT popular and professional distance-training methods, or can study where available with the support of CCT appointed local organizations offering campus or tutorial assistance


Business Studies

Well-trained men and women who are knowledgeable about the many aspects of business are required by all enterprises, everywhere.  This excellent, enjoyable wide range of practical, career-oriented business courses provide the understanding and competency needed to achieve a good job, efficiently carry out business responsibilities, prepare for promotion, develop and run businesses or sections of them, and help guide business organizations to success.CT

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Business Management & Administration

This Program teaches about all aspects of business, and provides the skills and knowledge needed to ensure managerial and administrative efficiency in business, and the competence to operate profitability in the modern industrial and commercial business world.

Success in business today depends on much more than just the ability to produce or sell products.  A modern business manager or administrator must also be proficient in managing finance, business resources, accounts, human resource, purchasing, marketing, stock control, office organisation and control, computerisation, communications, and very much more.  This Program is designed to train existing, new and future managers to run businesses successfully, and provides the foundation for any successful career involving business, management or administration; it is essential for anyone seeking administrative or managerial posts, and for people running businesses or in management positions.

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Computers & IT in Business & Management

This Program is ideal for administrators, supervisors, managers and staff who need to know how to manage IT and personnel, and use computer systems; and is perfect for anyone looking for a good job in IT.

This Program explains the capabilities and benefits of computer systems, and about computer and IT technology, hardware, software, backups and computer-based communication. It explains the role of computers in planning, forecasting, analysis and business decisions, and covers designing, selecting, implementing and running computer systems to meet organization needs.  It also covers the management of staff and colleagues who use computer systems, data security, and the general management of IT.

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Business Organisation & Management

This Program explains how to put business ideas into practice, how to develop a business, and how to successfully manage and organise its operations.

The Program starts from basic principles, explaining how ideas for businesses can be made in to reality.  It covers the registering and establishment of a business, the business plan, sources of finance, business location, renting premises, furnishing and equipping them, ordering goods/materials, selling, accounting, employing staff, documentation, and more.  The Program teaches how to prepare a good business plan, manage finance, premises, selling, accounting, staff, documentation, and much more.  The Program gives valuable practical advice from successful business owners, supervisors and managers with vast experience of running profitable businesses, and lots of practical advice on how to avoid pitfalls and problems that can harm new and developing businesses

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Insurance Principles & Practice

This Program explains and teaches about the purposes, principles and types of insurance and contracts, and the functioning of insurance businesses and the work of insurance practitioners.

Starting with an explanation of how every person and organization is exposed to risks which can result in losses, the interesting and informative Program shows how insurance aims to minimise and manage the effects of risks, and transfer responsibility for potential losses to insurers.  This Program has wide-ranging application for business people, existing and aspiring insurance practitioners; it deals with modern insurance practice, the principles on which it is based, the main classes of insurance business, insurance contracts, documentation, policies and claims.  The Program also deals with insurance company structure and organisation, and how these companies need to be run profitably and be well organised.

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International Business & Trade

A practical and accessible introduction to successful international business, importing and exporting; the Program also identifies and explains the factors which need to be addressed in order to develop an effective export marketing plan.

To succeed globally business owners, staff, employees and managers must be trained to understand international trade - this Program will produce managers and personnel who have a good understanding of international trade, are equipped with knowledge and skill to help a business to succeed internationally.  Exporting is not an activity for untrained sales managers; exporting can be rewarding and profitable if it is conducted in a professional manner and if an effective international marketing strategy is developed; so this Program teaches how to assess potential export and ‘product fit’ and the importance of products meeting the standards and cultural requirements of target countries. It deals with marketing concepts and tools, and explains effective marketing concepts and strategies to use to enter target markets. It examines pricing, transport and logistics, currency, documentation and insurance, and international law regarding contracts; and it gives a practical, helpful and comprehensive foundation into the requirements of successful import and export.

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Commercial Practice & Law

A Program for all business people, managers, owners and others who need to understand commerce and the commercial world, the essentials of business law, their legal responsibilities, and how to ensure that contracts, sales and commercial dealings are correctly conducted.

This interesting Program teaches about many aspects of commerce and elements of commercial law which all business and commercial people, and anybody with organisational responsibilities, need to understand.  It is essential that business people understand laws relating to commercial activity, especially the law of contract and the law of tort, as failure to comply with the law can lead to civil or criminal actions, fines, loss of business or personal possessions, and imprisonment.  This Program covers vital topics on legal transactions, ethical conduct and the best way to safely conduct the practice of business.


Hotel, Tourism, Travel, Hospitality

CCT  practical, career-oriented courses are professionally designed so that knowledge and understanding of tourism and hospitality can be quickly achieved - and so that men and women can gain good jobs and successfully carry out their work and responsibilities.  CIC training and qualifications will be of great value in earning good pay and a successful career in these interesting career areas

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Hotel Operations & Management

A Program teaching you to become proficient and knowledgeable in all aspects of hotel operations and management; about the key features of hotels, the main departments and their responsibilities, and how to provide good service to customers.

This Program aims to train men and women to be knowledgeable and professional in the operation and management of hotels, and in hotel positions.  Hotel departments perform many operations which need trained, efficient staff to ensure guest satisfaction, and section leaders to control and guide them.  Hotels vary in size, standard and type, and cater for guests with differing demands, which requires managerial understanding and skill.  Hotels must be correctly and carefully marketed and promoted, and finances managed to avoid losses; all hotels are businesses with common functions and their prosperity and profitability requires managers with the skill and ability to ensure staff are effective, that guest needs are met, and that a quality service is provided. This Program covers all of these aspects and more.


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Tourism & Travel Management

This Program is designed to create professionals trained in tourism and travel organisation and management.

The tourism industry and its earnings are very important to many countries worldwide, and tourism is a major force in the economy of the world - it has become an activity of global importance and significance.  However, it has also become an industry sector which, unless it is well managed and controlled, can have harmful effects on the cultures and environments of “host” countries.  To benefit from tourism its development must be planned, controlled and “sold” using modern marketing methods, the tourism and travel markets and their products, and the needs and expectations of customers - must be understood and satisfied.  This Program covers all these matters and more.

Honours Diploma on

Hospitality Management

Your opportunity to study to gain skills and knowledge and achieve a successful career in the rewarding and varied areas of hospitality, hotels and tourism.

This Programme covers a wide and interesting variety of subjects, in a practical and helpful way, in hotel operations and management, tourism and travel.  As well as including teaching on advanced motivation, management and leadership and strategic matters, it offers the opportunity to cover a wide range of business subjects or to focus on the exciting field of event management  (or to study and cover both areas!)  The possession of an Honours Group Diploma demonstrates knowledge and ability and indicates that the holder has the competence, understanding and potential to become a successful senior manager, administrator or executive.

Baccalaureate on

Hospitality Administration (BSA)

A Programme to train men and women to become efficient professionals in hospitality, event management, and general management and administration; it will increase knowledge and understanding, and evaluation and analysis ability in all of these business, managerial and administrative career areas, with a focus and specialization in hospitality.

This Baccalaureate Programmed with specialization on Hospitality Administration is designed by professionals to develop the high-level skills and competencies vital in men and women seeking successful careers in the wide ranging hospitality field, encompassing hotel operations, tourism, travel, event management and wider management and administration areas, for all business, commercial, industrial, government and professional fields.  Such training is essential in today’s competitive business environment and a world of increasing international trade and globalisation. The Programme provides a thorough and wide range of knowledge of these areas as well as business, communication and advanced management subjects including leadership and strategy.

Executive Business Administration (EBA) on

Hospitality & Events Administration

A flexible, enjoyable and high-quality international Programme offered to ambitious men and women aiming to become successful and effective leaders, executives and senior managers in the hospitality and event management industries.

The aim of this Programme is to produce competent, knowledgeable, efficient and respected executives, businesspeople, managers and hospitality specialists.  On this Programme you will study a wide range of important, interesting, technical, practical, and specialist subjects, and will be able to learn rapidly and enjoyably from the professionally-produced study and training materials prepared by leading experts.  You also have the opportunity to prepare a business Project to blend the practical and theoretical knowledge gained, and to increase your analytical ability.  The Programme will greatly improve your skills and competencies and take your knowledge and confidence to higher levels.  This Programme is your path to a successful executive level career, and your opportunity to specialise in Hospitality, Events Management and Administration.

Advanced Mastery of Business Administration (AMBA) on

Hospitality Management (AMBA)

An international Graduate-level Programme designed to develop advanced business management and administration skills, knowledge and understanding with specialisation in hospitality and events management.

This a flexible, expertly produced and designed programme, with study materials and content written, designed and produced by world-leading experts and publishers.  The first two Study Years/Semesters provide a wide-ranging practical-oriented view of the business and commercial environment, covering important subjects with a focus on management and business application.  As part of the Programme a thesis/project is prepared, incorporating both theoretical and practical aspects of the project topic, and incorporating study of key MBA management models. The third/final Study Year/Semester focuses on strategic management and policy, international economics, and business finance - subjects needed by and appropriate for current or future senior managers, executives or company/department leaders; the Programme finishes with study and professional learning of the core hospitality and event management** specialisations.

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